Partnering for Success

Now more than ever, in a competitive business landscape marked with challenges and high expectations, it’s crucial that a company optimizes their efficiency, and therefore their performance.  Efficiency is not just a buzz word, it’s the all-encompassing term that signifies a company gets the job done right, done quickly, and done in the most economical way.  It’s what differentiates a fine company from a good one, and a good one from a truly great success story.

Oftentimes the best way to optimize efficiency and performance is to partner with another, equally trusted company, utilizing each other’s technologies and skills to better benefit their own performance.  A good example of this is our recent work with Halliburton, a multinational leader in the energy industry that hardly needs much introduction.

At their state-of-the-art Advanced Perforating Flow Laboratory, part of their Jet Research Center, they perform unparalleled system research, development, and testing, meeting highly demanding challenges while improving upon customers’ efficiency and production—and therefore their own.  They recently expanded their Advanced Perforating Flow Lab with, according to Halliburton, “leading-edge vessels and technologies…[which will] provide our customers with the most accurate information possible today…”.  These vessels, “giving [them] the ability to operate beyond [their] clients’ most challenging environments,” were provided by us.

At EPSI, we are proud to have fabricated the vessels that Halliburton uses to perform such industry-advancing work, leading to success for them and their clients. It’s just one example of how a partnership with a leader in their field can provide mutually-rewarding benefits and immeasurable efficiency, performance, and overall success.

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