Offshore Drilling: Keeping it Safe

One of the most talked about and most controversial topics these days is offshore drilling. It’s a highly debated subject that has many on one side discussing the benefits and opportunities, and others bringing up serious environmental concerns.

While no one knows precisely how much oil could be made available, it is estimated at around 18 billion barrels. Those in favor of it say that increased offshore drilling would lead to more abundant, less expensive fuel for the U.S., and therefore less reliance on foreign oil. This, they say, would come with minimal environmental impact.

On the other side are those who argue that offshore drilling could severely impact the oceans’ ecosystems, without providing enough of an impact on our oil supply and prices. Clearly, it’s a heavily debated, challenging subject.

What we do know is that many companies who have been involved in ocean drilling have taken a huge beating from oil leaks (i.e. BP), and that nobody is on favor of those scenarios. As a result, most companies are now significantly increasing their building and spending related to all safety aspects involving deep sea drilling. Testing all equipment before it goes into the ocean will prevent future catastrophes.

This is where we get involved. Our high-pressure Deep Sea Simulators and Offshore Simulators are used by these companies to perform extensive testing and ensure everything involved in these processes is at peak performance and will not harm the environment through failure.
If we can ensure that the benefits of offshore drilling are achieved without the risks many fear, then everybody wins.

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