Company Profile


For more than 40 years, EPSI has been recognized as the leader in the high-pressure field. Our engineers hold patents based on innovation and state-of-the-art designs and actively contribute to various code and regulatory agencies throughout the world. We can design and build high-pressure equipment in accordance with ASME, TÜV, and PED.

EPSI offers numerous vessel designs to suit our customers’ requirements, such as; threaded, yoke, wire-wound yoke, pinned closure, and forged on wire-wound vessels.

Advanced thermal insulating systems ensure optimum thermal grading and properly balanced heat up/cool down rates for economical use of power in both hot and warm isostatic systems. EPSI offers fully automatic temperature and pressure controls with various degrees of sophistication from simple PLC controls to fully integrated PLC processes.

Design Capabilities

  • ASME Design Vessel
    • ASME Section VIII, Division 2
    • ASME Section VIII, Division 3
  • AD2000-Merkblatt


Prior to 1992, EPSI was well known in the high-pressure world under the names National Forge Europe in Belgium, and National Forge Pressure Systems Division in Massachusetts, USA. Both companies were subsidiaries of the National Forge Co., Irvine, Pennsylvania, producing precision- forged components. Since April 1996, EPSI has been an independent company with headquarters in Belgium and Haverhill, MA, USA.


Due to extreme stresses and accumulated energy, often combined with high cycling rates, experienced engineering is particularly important in the manufacturing of high-pressure vessels. Metallurgical experience allows EPSI to select the best combination of strength, elasticity, ductility, toughness, and fatigue resistance for the materials from which pressure vessels are manufactured. This experience has been built-up for over 40 years.


EPSI has built a tradition of excellence in high-pressure engineering and technology worldwide. More than 1,100 pressure vessels have been manufactured to date, using a unique application-specific approach to R&D, manufacturing, and testing.

Quality Assurance

EPSI provides the highest possible quality assurance throughout the entire process of construction of high-pressure equipment. EPSI Belgium is TÜV ISO 9001 certified and EPSI USA is ASME U2 and U3 certified.

For over 40 years, EPSI has provided comprehensive quality control of a broad range of products. Our extensive capabilities allow you to depend on EPSI as a sole source for your quality high-pressure needs.