EPSI — Your Partner in High Pressure Technology & Isostatic Presses

EPSI designs high-pressure systems for manufacturing, testing, research and specialized high-pressure applications. With its unique application-specific approach to R&D, manufacturing, and testing, EPSI has built a tradition of excellence in high-pressure engineering and technology worldwide.

Prominent applications for EPSI’s Isostatic Presses are; manufacturing of components for space, aeronautical and automotive industries, metal casting, cutting tools and medical implants.

The use of new materials, advanced controls, and continuous research and development puts EPSI on the cutting edge of the exciting field of high pressure.

The majority of EPSI products are specifically designed to meet the detailed specifications of our customer. Where the customer is unsure of exactly what he needs, or has some flexibility, EPSI will offer units that take advantage of previous experience and therefore have some degree of standardization included. While we are always ready to serve a new or unique high-pressure requirement, historically EPSI sales have been categorized into the following:

Cold Isostatic Presses (CIP), Hot Isostatic Presses (HIP), Warm Isostatic Presses (WIP), Crystal Growing Systems, Deep Well Simulators, Oil Well Simulators, Chemical Reactor Vessels, and Super-critical Extraction Systems.