Hyperbaric chambers & test wells

Hyperbaric chambers are typically systems with a large vessel but moderate pressure levels for applications that require pressures higher than atmospheric conditions, such as sub-sea testing simulations. Theses simulations are necessary to test equipment such as valves, pipes, ROVs and many other products.

EPSI is a leading manufacturer of very large, hyperbaric chambers used to simulate deep-ocean pressures and to test parts and equipment used in the oil and gas, marine and defence industries. In fact, EPSI manufactured one of the largest hyperbaric chambers in the world: Tyne Pressure Testing’s Large Hyperbaric Test Chamber (see video below). Smaller simulators are also part of our expertise, and they are used to test the effects of hydro-pressure on items such as watches, cameras, etc.

Main features

Sub-sea simulation equipment.
Sizes from lab scale units up to large production units.
Custom loading solutions and integration in production flow lines.
Manufacturer vessel design according to ASME Div2/Div3 and/or AD 2000 Merkblatt (PED)
General Manager Paul Smith next to Tyne Subseas largest hyperbaric chamber to show its scale

Turnkey solutions

EPSI deep-ocean simulators are custom-designed and built in a variety of configurations and sizes to meet the requirements of the customer’s testing application. These include systems with the vessel mounted in a yoke frame, vertical systems with clamp closure, or extra-large horizontal clamped vessels. Bespoke control systems permit accurate monitoring of all the necessary data and on-the-fly simulation of a wide range of different conditions in terms of variable pressure, temperature and pre-set cycle times.

You can request additional simulation parameters to be included in the process to give you an even better picture of how your parts and components are responding to deep-ocean and other high-pressure conditions. Our turnkey service solutions include training, support and maintenance of your certified installation.

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Customer case: Tyne Pressure Testing

Tyne Pressure Testing’s Large Hyperbaric Test Chamber is an excellent example of our expertise in hyperbaric chambers. This horizontal installation is one of the largest of its kind in the world, with a unique high pressure given its size (2.5 m internal diameter and 4.5 m internal working length) and the ability to test under pressurized conditions while varying the temperature as low as -2°C. Extensive testing data are generated and tests can be monitored and controlled remotely to improve productivity and reduce loading times.

We design and install turnkey systems and provide worldwide service.

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