Cold Isostatic Presses

EPSI cold isostatic presses (CIP) are used to produce unsintered or green dye-compacted metal powder components in a preliminary densification step prior to rolling, machining or sintering. Our CIP systems are used by companies around the world to effectively produce flawless components for the aerospace, military, industrial and medical industries. Technology leaders worldwide know that our cold isostatic presses are designed in such a way that parts can easily be removed with sufficient green strength for further handling and sintering.

We deliver cold isostatic pressing equipment in a range of sizes, from laboratory units with an inner diameter as small as 77 mm (3”) to units which are more than 2m (6 ft) wide. Operational pressure levels up to 900 MPa (130,000 psi) are possible. Units are custom designed to accomodate your specific dimensions and product characteristics, but standard off-the shelf solutions are also available. We also design highly customized automated CIP systems for our customers’ specialized applications, with fully automated loading and unloading systems, high pressurization rates, and customized depressurization profiles.

Main features

77mm (3”) up to 2000mm (79”)
Pressure range
900Mpa (130,000psi)
Custom loading solutions and integration in production flow lines.
Manufacturer vessel design according to ASME Div2/Div3 and/or AD 2000 Merkblatt (PED)
General Manager Paul Smith next to Tyne Subseas largest hyperbaric chamber to show its scale

The plate yoke-framed assembly is a cost-effective method for designing a high-pressure vessel capable of many fatigue cycles and with the longest lifespan on the market. The yoke assembly is not composed of welds and therefore forms a very rigid and durable structure that can withstand the full thrust of both end closures during pressure cycles.

Threaded high-pressure vessels are available in a variety of designs, depending on the application specification. The top closure can be continuously threaded or breach threaded. Vessels may have a double closure or a blind bottom.

Highly automated CIP systems can be designed to meet your specific production requirements. These systems may include fully automated loading and unloading units combined with high pressurization rates and customized depressurization profiles.

We design and install turnkey systems and provide worldwide service.

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