Who is EPSI?

EPSI is a market leader in isostatic presses for materials densification and other high-pressure applications. We have been designing and manufacturing equipment for best-in-class technology companies around the world for more than 60 years so they can be successful with their specialized manufacturing and testing processes.

EPSI – your reliable partner

Production and quality assurance of all our products are performed in-house so that we can guarantee that our isostatic presses and high-pressure vessels are manufactured according to the highest possible quality requirements. EPSI is ISO 9001 and ASME certified.

Solving your engineering challenges and helping you be successful is what drives us and we are dedicated to building a longstanding partnership with all our customers.

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General Manager Paul Smith next to Tyne Subseas largest hyperbaric chamber to show its scale

Certified in the USA and Europe

EPSI Belgium is TÜV ISO 9001 and SELO certified and EPSI USA is ASME U2, U3 and SELO certified.

Worldwide distribution

Our products, support and services are available worldwide through our offices in Belgium and the United States.

More than 60 years of high-pressure expertise

Our corporate roots and experience in high-pressure engineering go back more than 60 years.

Focus on customized solutions

We specialize in designing and building bespoke solutions to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Our story since 1915


National Forge Co is founded in Pennsylvania, USA and manufactures heavy-duty components for the commercial and defence markets.


National Forge Co starts a dedicated High Pressure division for manufacturing their own forged pressure vessels.


National Forge Co sets up subsidiaries in Europe.


The two subsidiaries become an independent entity with a new name, Engineered Pressure Systems International, specializing in the different types of isostatic presses. The privately owned company has headquarters in Temse, Belgium and Haverhill, USA.


Increasing demand for its presses and vessels results in the first major expansion of machinery halls.


Second major expansion of the manufacturing facility to accommodate larger and taller installations.

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As we look to the future of EPSI, we remain dedicated to our mission of providing innovative and reliable high-pressure engineering solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.
Carlo Verbraeken – General Manager EPSI International

Our Mission is to Serve You

Our mission at EPSI is to be your partner of choice for isostatic presses and other high-pressure equipment and to raise the bar in high-pressure engineering through reliable and innovative solutions. We are committed to understanding the business and individual needs of our customers and believe that delivering top-notch solutions is key to your and our success.

Our passion for know-how in the field of high-pressure installations and materials has made EPSI the foremost reference for designing and manufacturing equipment that meets national and international statutory codes and rules. Our extensive quality assurance and rigorous in-house testing policies ensure outstanding quality in fail-safe and long-life solutions.

Taking the skills of our employees to the next level through training and development and working in a safe and sustainable environment are all aspects of our ongoing quest to serve our customers.

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Expertise in R&D and Engineering

In-house designing, building and testing of all our installations has led to invaluable insights in high-pressure R&D and the ability to engineer best-in-class installations that require less maintenance and are easy to operate. We also have extensive experience in Vessel In Service inspections.

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A longstanding partnership is key to your success.

Work with us to solve your high-pressure challenges.