Specialized pressure systems

Our offering goes beyond isostatic presses and includes all kinds of specialized high-pressure systems that need to be designed and manufactured according to your specification. These include high-pressure pumps, pipes, valves and vessels in purpose-built configurations to suit your specific needs.

Main features

High-pressure pumps, pipes, valves, vessels and much more.
Any custom high-pressure solution.
Manufacturer vessel design according to ASME Div2/Div3 and/or AD 2000 Merkblatt (PED)
HIP moly furnace

Advanced customized solutions

Challenging applications require more than off-the-shelf equipment. EPSI works together with you to develop custom-built cutting-edge solutions that meet the specific needs and technical specifications of your high-pressure applications. Our engineers integrate the latest advances in materials and technology to design the best possible equipment for your installation. We take pride in producing products that meet the highest quality standards, require less maintenance and are easy to operate. Fine-tuning these systems precisely to your specification is all part of the job.

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We design and install turnkey systems and provide worldwide service.

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