General CIP Applications

Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) is a compaction process for specifically designed molds. The mold is placed in a pressure vessel and a liquid medium is pumped into the vessel and high-pressure is applied uniformly from all sides.

CIPs are used with powdered metallurgical, carbides, refractory materials, graphite, ceramics, and plastics along with numerous other materials.

High compaction and uniform density provides predictable shrinkage during the sintering process. The CIP system has the ability to process linage complex and near-net shapes. This saves time and costs in after market treatment. The CIP system has the capability to produce larger parts with uniform densities and green strength. This allows, in process handling and treatment, lower production costs.

CIP Applications

Technical ceramics, refractory ceramics, ceramic powders, carbides, heavy metal products, medical and dental implants, ceramic rolls, nozzles, blocks, ceramic insulators, tubes, metal filters, plastic tubes and rods.