Lab-CIP, Wet Bags

Laboratory Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) Wet Bags

EPSI, a world leader in custom-engineered high-pressure solutions, introduces its Cold Isostatic Press Production Unit (CIP). Designed for lower productivity cost and low maintenance, EPSI’s Laboratory Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) is ideal for the ceramic, carbon, plastics, and powder metals industries and can be customized to suit application-specific needs. The CIP is capable of operating at pressures up to 100,000 psi (approximately 700 MPa), with control of pressurization and decompression. This results in products of uniform density; reducing internal stresses, cracks, and strains.

EPSI’s Laboratory Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) is available in a variety of sizes and features top-closure and load-handling systems designed to meet the customer’s production requirements. Cold Isostatic Presses (CIP) are equipped with safety and alarm devices, adjustable pressure set-points, dwell time and fluid drain settings. Cold Isostatic Presses (CIP) are available either threaded or yoke-framed.

Laboratory Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) The Laboratory Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) also features a hydraulically intensified high-pressure pump and a decompression circuit with low wear.  High product repeatability is obtained through the use of elastomer molds.  The CIP offers an automated fast fill and drain circuit with a low-pressure transfer pump.  Configurations available on the CIP include; a low-pressure decompression system, a yoke frame or threaded closure system, and a vertical or gantry top closure system.

Laboratory Units

  • From pressure vessel inside diameter 50 mm to 150 mm (2 to 6 inches)
  • High pressure vessel design either threaded or plate yoke framed
  • Pneumatic driven pumps or electro-hydraulic driven intensifiers
  • Fast fill and drain systems
  • Programmable decompression systems