Warm Isostatic Presses

EPSI is a leading manufacturer of Warm Isostatic Presses

Warm Isostatic Presses or WIPs are used to apply a combination of high pressure and moderate temperature (limited to 300°C).

  • Custom design: all sizes are possible up to a diameter of more than 2 m.
  • Pressures up to 400 MPa (58.000 PSI)
  • Monolithic forged pressure vessel made out of one single vacuum degassed steel block.
  • Complete proofing according to EN10204/3.2 and thorough inspection possibility.
  • Special pressure vessel executions: inner pre-stressed liner, wire wound vessel body.
  • Yoke-framed or threaded design
  • Highest quality components and materials
  • Controlled pressurization and depressurization avoiding stresses and cracks in pressed components
  • Different filter solutions
  • Highly automated solutions available

Freely programmable pressure curves:

  • Adjustable setpoints
  • Dwell times
  • Fluid drain settings

Temperature considerations:

  • Direct internal heating
  • In-between liner heating
  • External heating

Dependent on parameters such as:

  • Speed of desired heating and cooling rates
  • Heating and cooling during  (de) pressurization or in atmospheric condition

Different pressure mediums available:

  • Water → Handling of steam is considered throughout the design
  • Oil
  • Different

Contact us for a solution tailored to your needs.

    • Liner heating
    • WIP externally isolated
    • WIP System 762mm x 1220 @ 207MPa Designed for 200°
    • Twin WIP System 762mm x 1220 @ 207MPa Designed for 150°
    • WIP System 900mm x 1100 @ 200MPa Designed for 150°