For over 50 years, EPSI has been innovating, manufacturing and delivering high-pressure, isostatic equipment for the world’s best technology companies.

We remain committed to developing solutions that perform more effectively and safely, meet the highest quality standards, require less maintenance and are easy-to-use.


Recognizing that no high-pressure applications are the same, EPSI has focused on delivering long-term value via equipment that is designed to fit each customer’s unique application. Our engineers take the time to understand your application, design the best product for the job, and make it work to your specification.

By designing, building and testing our own high-pressure equipment in-house, we can assure the highest possible quality of every isostatic press and specialty high pressure vessel that we produce. Rigorous manufacturing, assembly and testing ensures ASME, TUV and PED certification.


We understand that our customer’s success is the reason for our success, and we enter each relationship as a partner. We’re always upfront and honest about pricing, progress and delivery of your project. At EPSI, we’re ready to help you solve your latest high-pressure challenge.

Quality Assurance

EPSI provides the highest possible quality assurance throughout the entire process of construction of high-pressure equipment. EPSI Belgium is TÜV ISO 9001 certified and EPSI USA is ASME U2 and U3 certified.

ISO 9001 2015 certificate